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Defibrillator Donations


AED Donation Program

Staying Prepared

At S.C.A.R.F., we know that access to an AED during a Sudden Cardiac Arrest is critical to survival.  In accordance with our mission to save lives, we have an AED donation program.


Our goal is to ensure that all public places of work, worship, play, and gatherings have an AED easily available in case of an emergency.

The Details

The Gift of Health

We want the general public to be comfortable and not hesitate to use an AED.


Each time we donate an AED, we will educate the employees and volunteers at the organization. You can contact us on behalf of your organization or nominate one that you think may benefit from this gift.


Please note that this AED donation program is limited to Nonprofit organizations in Illinois. Once we have reviewed your initial application and determined that your organization qualifies for an AED through our program, we will contact you to initiate the process.

Join the Program

Create a Healthier Future

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