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Each year over 550,000 people die from sudden cardiac arrest. With your help, we gift life-saving AED's to organizations in need, and proactively protect public health.

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Our mission is to eradicate the deadly health care epidemic of sudden cardiac death by empowering communities and health care providers with knowledge and greater access to automated external defibrillators.

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Improving Health

One of S.C.A.R.F.'s primary objectives is to provide Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) to the community. If in need of an AED, please contact the S.C.A.R.F. team, and we will work to provide access to the lifesaving tools for you.

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Building Community

Show your commitment to cardiac health by attending one of SCARF's exciting signature events. These unique celebrations bring our supporters together and raise much-needed funds for community services, educational programming, and public health initiatives.

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