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Board of Directors


Sharon Shlimoun

Board of Directors

Sharon Shlimoun is a Business Strategy Professional with a broad range of experience working in many industries: Food Packaging, Manufacturing, Industrial Manufacturing, Health Insurance, and Information Technology. Sharon’s work experience includes; Employee Experience/HR, Corporate Communications/PR, Marketing, and IT Business Analytics.

Sharon currently oversees Employee Experience at Netrix, where she focuses on giving the employees the best & positive experience. She manages Employee Experience, Corporate Communications/PR operations for North America, APAC & EMEA daily. She also leads all company-wide employee experience social event programs. Sharon holds a Master’s in Business Degree (MBA) from Lake Forest Graduate School and a Bachelor of Arts Degree from DePaul University.

Sharon is an advocate believer that we all “have to pay it forward in life.” She enjoys mentoring up-and-inspiring young professionals where she shares her knowledge and passion for helping others succeed. In addition, she enjoys spending time with her family & friends. She is married with two children, Christian and Leanna.

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