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Meet the Junior Board


Avisha Thota

Director of Student Activities

Avisha Thota is an incoming freshman at Nova Southeastern University as a part of the Dual Admission program, a seven-year BS/DO program. She joined S.C.A.R.F. as an intern in 2019, researching the effects of cardiomyopathy and exploring how to educate and inform the community on its risk factors. Over the next three years, Avisha has participated in various research symposiums, and S.C.A.R.F. runs events, including the heart dissection, For Life events, and the final gala. She also became a group leader, serving as an advocate for her mentorship group. She would love to continue being a leader and a representative for her community.

Avisha has been part of many junior boards, including the P.R. team, assistant director of the community outreach, and now the director of student affairs. She would like to bring her knowledge to various audiences, including local schools and minority groups in other countries. Additionally, Avisha has committed to expanding the S.C.A.R.F.'s network through meaningful connections while maintaining a positive student environment. She plans to stand by S.C.A.R.F.'s three pillars values and give back what she has learned as an ambassador through student lead group activities. From the For Life events to S.C.A.R.F. junior, the S.A. junior board committee holds the power to create a change in the student body and community simultaneously. With all the impact that has been made, Avisha and the S.A. committee hope to motivate the future generation of students outside and within the organization to enforce the values of critical thinking, higher education, and teamwork to create positive change for the future.

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