Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

*** Please note - we are no longer accepting applications for Summer 2018 ***


I’m not sure if I’m interested in a career in medicine, is SCARF still right for me?

Yes! Our mentorship and career guidance program is right for anyone that wants to improve their professionalism, public speaking, and critical thinking skills. While you will learn a great deal about medicine and cardiology, we have had many students go on to become lawyers, engineers, or other professionals outside of medicine.

When is the application deadline and when will I find out if I was accepted?

The deadline for applications for the Summer 2019 program is December 14th. Our admissions committee meets in January to determine who will be selected for an interview. Interview requests will go out in early February with interviews generally taking place at the end of February/early March. Acceptance letters go out in mid-April and official acceptance and all paperwork is generally due back to us by early May or your spot may be given to a student on the waitlist.

When does the mentorship program take place?

Generally, the program runs from the first weekend of June through the first Friday of August. Examples: for Summer 2018 our dates are June 2nd – August 3rd while for Summer 2019, dates are most likely to be June 1st – August 2nd (subject to change).

Where is SCARF located?

We are based in Sycamore, IL and Elgin, IL and our students will be required to be at both offices throughout the program. Sycamore office – 2550 Hauser Ross Dr, Ste 350, Sycamore, IL 60178. Elgin office – 500 N McLean Blvd, Elgin, IL 60123

What is the weekly schedule like?

Students are split into two groups with each group attending twice per week. Depending on which group you are placed in the schedule would be as follows:

  • Group A: every Tuesday (Sycamore) with alternating Mondays (Sycamore) and Fridays (Elgin)
  • Group B: every Thursday (Sycamore) with alternating Mondays (Sycamore) and Fridays (Elgin)

What if I’m in summer school, can I still participate?

The schedule for SCARF is outlined above and students are not permitted to miss more than 2 of their scheduled days. If your summer school schedule will not fit within these parameters, then unfortunately SCARF will not be for you.

Can I still go on vacation over the summer?

Yes! You are provided with your exact schedule and all required dates in mid-April, which gives you and your family/friends plenty of time to plan ahead for any trips. In addition, the program ends the first week in August leaving plenty of time before the school year begins to plan a vacation.

Can I pick which group I’m in?

No, groups are carefully arranged by the SCARF team to ensure that we have an even distribution of new and returning students. We make every effort to group students based on age and location so that carpooling is an option for those that do not/cannot drive

My sister/brother/cousin is also applying, will we be in the same group?

Most likely you will not be placed in the same group as other family members. In the past this has led to disruption within the groups. Therefore, we try to keep siblings apart so that they are each able to focus and grow as individuals.

What do I need to wear to participate in SCARF?

The attire for the SCARF program is business professional. For gentlemen, this means a shirt and tie (mandatory). For ladies, you have the options of pants/skirt with a nice blouse or a nice dress (no sundresses allowed). Skirts and dresses are not permitted to be above the knee.

Please wear comfortable shoes as you will be standing a large portion of the day, though flip flops, sandals, sneakers are not allowed

What is the Scientific Symposium?

This is the culmination of our 10-week internship program and is mandatory for participation each summer. You will present the research you have been working on throughout the summer. Each small group will present with a large poster and a team of judges will evaluate the information along with your knowledge and speaking skills. The winning group will present to all attendees at the annual gala following the symposium.

What other events take place throughout the summer/year?

SCARF hosts many fundraising and team-building events both throughout the summer program and throughout the school year. The mandatory summer events will be listed within your acceptance packet, providing you ample time to plan accordingly.

Events added after the acceptance packets have been sent out in addition to extra events held throughout the school year are optional. We ask that you make every effort to attend these extra events. Your presence and support of SCARF outside of the 10-week internship is noted and taken into account when letters of recommendation are written.

How much does this program cost?

The majority of the total program cost is picked up by the foundation each year (through donations and fundraising events). However, students and their families are expected to cover a portion of the total program cost. This portion will generally be between $1200 - $2000 for the entire 10-week program. If you are unable to afford this portion, a limited number of scholarships are available. These are subject to the fundraising efforts the previous year.

I don’t have CPR certification. What do I do?

CPR certification is mandatory and training is generally held on the first day of our program for those who are not certified. This cost is covered by SCARF and your certification will last 2 years.

What else will be required once I am accepted?

Because our students have the opportunity to visit multiple hospitals, nursing homes, and physicians’ offices, there are basic requirements outside of what we would typically require through SCARF alone. These additional requirements include up-to-date vaccinations (including mandatory influenza vaccination) and a 2-step TB test.