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August 11, 2017
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The heat was out in full force and so were our students on the volleyball court! We were lucky enough to all be invited to a BBQ at the Nguyen household. The sun was out, the food was delicious, and the competitive spirit was alive and well amongst our summer interns. Everyone had a great time and got to know each other further.


Joe W. came to speak to our students about patient empowerment. He discussed ways that healthcare providers can work with the patients to ensure a successful health outcome. He provided insight as both a patient and someone involved in the medical field.


3rd year S.C.A.R.F. Ambassador, Janki, taught our students about Lyme Disease. They learned the risk factors and treatment options. Her current event topic involved the Syrian Civil War. She did a fantastic job presenting the involvement and motives of all countries involved.


2nd year S.C.A.R.F. Ambassador and team leader, Ishani, gave a wonderful presentation regarding BPH and Prostate Cancer. However, it was her current event/ethics topic that really got our students talking! She discussed Food Deserts and Food Insecurity that exist in this country. All of our students were very passionate about this topic and had great ideas for how we can help combat this issue.


2nd year S.C.A.R.F. Ambassador Anisha presented on Zika Virus. She explained that the concern with Zika remains for those of child-bearing age as the virus can cause significant damage to a growing fetus. Her current event topic involved global warming where we had a very active discussion regarding the ways that we can make an impact on our environment.


Robin from Medtronic came to speak about their new Micra Transcatheter Pacing system – the world’s smallest pacemaker! Our students were able to actually see and hold one of these devices.


Elite Cardiology’s very own nurse practitioner, Vanessa, presented a case study to our interns. They learned about paroxysmal atrial fibrillation and how it might present, how to treat, and additional lifestyle and risk factors to consider. She even gave them a quiz afterwards!


1st year S.C.A.R.F. intern Aashna presented today on Hyperthyroidism vs Hypothyroidism. Her ethics topic sparked a great debate amongst our interns – puffing your resume, is it ethical? What if you completed all 4 years of university, had a GPA of 3.8, but you owed the school $500 which was preventing you from obtaining your degree? Should you list this degree on your resume? Our interns all had very strong opinions and we had an excellent discussion.


2nd year S.C.A.R.F. Ambassador Rediat was 4th to present her mini-topics. She taught our interns about Turner Syndrome, a genetic condition that affects 1 in 2,500 females. She also reviewed the opioid epidemic that is plaguing the United States. She explained how it started, why it continues, and the impact it is having on newborns, children, and adults!


1st year S.C.A.R.F. intern Kunaal was up 3rd to present mini-topics to his fellow interns. He educated us regarding Eating Disorders and the differences between anorexia nervosa and bulimia. He was assigned an ethics topic that involved colleges inflating SAT scores of their incoming freshmen class to boost their rankings.This sparked a great discussion amongst the group in terms of how this can be prevented moving forward. 


1st year S.C.A.R.F. intern Ananya was second to present. She was assigned a difficult topic and handled it incredibly well. She explained the signs and symptoms of epidural hematomas, subdural hematomas, and subarachnoid hemorrhage - brain bleeds that result from different injuries and may require different treatments. She was also assigned to present on Turing Pharmaceutical and their over 4,000% price increase on a drug called Daraprim. This was a combination of ethics and current events. Her presentation allowed for great discussion amongst the interns in regards to legality and ethics. 


2nd year S.C.A.R.F. Ambassador Jordyn is the first to present her mini-topics on healthcare and current events/ethics. She educated her fellow interns regarding Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) as well as the Affordable Care Act "Obamacare." With many of our interns and ambassadors planning for a career in medicine, knowledge of the Affordable Care Act is critical. The ability to understand the benefits and the downfalls of this legislation is very important as future healthcare providers but also as future adults that will go out into the world and need to purchase insurance for themselves. She did a fantastic job at presenting arguments that both sides of the political spectrum represent when discussing this act. 


"Life is Electrical." Dr. Nguyen educates our summer interns regarding EKG and what we can learn from this cardiac test. Our students learn to recognize what is normal, what is artifact, and what could be concerning when reviewing an EKG. 


Dr. Nguyen lectures to our summer 2018 interns regarding cardiac arrest and indications for defibrillator placement. 


S.C.A.R.F. 2018 interns were trained in Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers thanks to our fabulous instructor, Karen, from Windy City CPR. They learned about CPR for infants, children, and adults. They learned how to use an AED and how to assist a choking victim. 


S.C.A.R.F. kicked off the Summer 2018 Career Guidance and Mentorship program with orientation held at Main Event Entertainment with sponsorship by Biotronik. After an information session where they learned more about the program, were assigned their research topics, and heard from former S.C.A.R.F. students, this year's class was able to enjoy the games and entertainment including bowling, laser tag, and gravity ropes.


S.C.A.R.F. held its second restaurant fundraiser of the season at Puebla Modern Mexican in St Charles. Our S.C.A.R.F. directors met with some S.C.A.R.F. Ambassadors, friends, and family to enjoy a delicious meal and some margaritas! 25% of proceeds from this night get donated back to S.C.A.R.F. so that we can purchase more AEDs to donate to our community. Thanks again to everyone who has come out to support our cause!


S.C.A.R.F. held its first restaurant fundraiser of the season at MOD Pizza in South Naperville. Ambassadors, friends, family, and the community came out to support our organization. Funds raised during this, and future fundraising events, go towards the purchase of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) to be donated to facilities in need. Thanks to all who came out to support!