Meet the Junior Board


Jordyn Nimmer

Director of Student Activities

Jordyn is a sophomore at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. She is pursuing a double major in Biology and Spanish. She is involved in research on neuronal inflammation in connection with high-fat diet-induced neuropathy in mice. She also serves as the Vice President of the Honors Student Association.  2019 will be her third year with S.C.A.R.F. She feels that the program has helped her to be industrious, innovative, and instructive. She wants to share the knowledge that she is privileged to have acquired. 

She is ecstatic to be taking on the position of Director of Student Activities. Her previous and current involvement in S.C.A.R.F. has enhanced her understanding of community relations and patient care. She is passionate about maximizing student benefit from the S.C.A.R.F. Mentorship and Career Guidance Program. As an empowered ambassador, she takes on this new endeavor with great pleasure and gratitude. She will ensure that students are satisfied with their involvement in S.C.A.R.F. and she plans on instituting her values of innovation and diligence into the role. Students' experiences with S.C.A.R.F. activities should embolden and shape them into the healthcare professionals of tomorrow and she looks forward to assisting on this journey.